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Player profile of xbc

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Birthday: 1984 June 10
Member until: Not a member
Plus account until: No PLUS account
On-line: xbc is not online

Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
xbc 1586 2172 1278 2 584

Game started Pos Game result
4*FA~Q, hydrohowar, 19risker, xbC, TP_knighty, BannedAcco
1*xbC, Kim_Jong-u, Dominator, whocares, Toffay, caos
6*kill4peace, hydrohowar, Axmed23, steffanhal, joester, xbC
2*Roscy, xbC, youngblood, Raa, fauno
2*heretowin, xbC, fauno, marian_op, TP_knighty, elklaudio
1*xbC, Edwards7, TP_knighty, shroom, mozzie, jay_w
3 Alpha_Male, manyak99, xbC, netbio, stephanie9
1*xbC, alex, manyak99, spider, TP_knighty, ulisse
3*Edwards7, ajay, xbC, buzzy, abcdef, massfrenzy
2*jay_w, xbC, buzzy, shroom, _bozo_
2*shroom, xbC, KillerBas, Toffay, spider
4*culum29, thedom, mazzini, xbC, spider
*) Rated game

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