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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
sys 1736 2091 1370 3 1409

Game started Pos Game result
1*sys, dmg_Sudz, E-ric, xenomorph, Grute_pier, samuel
1*sys, E-ric, dazarodd, PIayer, Lucifer, Jazmin
5*knuffie66, petjoke, archer, dmg_Sudz, sys, AA12345
1*sys, Bolo, PussyWhipt, Frank19401, KillerBas, teamrkiler
5*toedels, SassyCunk, billysfal, StWinters, sys, Frank19401
1*sys, Jazmin, Mincer, K0NT, Traitor, E-ric
1*sys, E-ric, Jazmin, Traitor, K0NT
3*K0NT, bumface, sys, pino123456, E-ric, Jazmin
1 sys, 00THE, 0000000004, 04, 0000000000, 0000000008
1 sys, steppdaddy, Lucifer, beastmode, ginagriffi, wedwedwed
6*click, UncleBenny, terrance72, pp, 'W'wijk, sys
5*beastmode, Mincer, Eric, Traitor, sys, Jazmin
1*sys, Jazmin, beastmode, Eric, Traitor, monty
3*beastmode, bumface, sys, Jazmin, monty, Eric
*) Rated game

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