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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
alomajmune 1536 1863 1479 4 119

Game started Pos Game result
6*explode, kingboco, rist6, meerdat, bike825, alomajmune
1*alomajmune, Holland, albeighx, CoffeG, tunisia, gittermast
3*explode, vertigo, alomajmune, wedwedwed, meerdat
4*Fleur, jamesjames, JN223, alomajmune, THISisHMMY, gameover
4*benedett, Kosty, reetveter, alomajmune, hulkman, RedruM
1*alomajmune, riverxen, achilles33, melinhed, baddad, bike825
4*k2, Gauli, achilles33, alomajmune, del, ottoskor
3*Nikita, mr0, alomajmune, jeffzzz, obigalanke, MENGAO
*) Rated game

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