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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TheTakeOva 1568 1885 1257 7 3143

Game started Pos Game result
3*baddad, CC, TheTakeOva, gezellig, astermad, T0mmy
1*TheTakeOva, gezellig, drizzatort, bp0ppin, hulkman, escalibrat
6*donquichot, Bhunt19, inthesomed, keller44, Adinyao, TheTakeOva
1*TheTakeOva, Bhunt19, malaka, gittermast, shreter
4*arwinda, shreter, ikbenger, TheTakeOva, RayRay1, modderfokr
4*flavious, RNBWSPT, rowtjelove, TheTakeOva, wolt, steps777
1*TheTakeOva, stfu_punk, cinese83, shreter, bounce-b
2*gittermast, TheTakeOva, astermad, ydna, wolvie, Lion
4*shreter, Iownu, keller44, TheTakeOva, cinese83, Vuko
2*shreter, TheTakeOva, diebygoat, loperto, Jarcooler, Bhunt19
4*Jarcooler, Error19, woody, TheTakeOva, MoneyMusic, Vuko
3*galanido, xanderheij, TheTakeOva, Coconutz23, rosmalen, shreter
*) Rated game

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