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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
TheTakeOva 1520 1885 1257 7 3046

Game started Pos Game result
1*TheTakeOva, DeepPowder, mindyfitz, pangit, rothschild
1*TheTakeOva, pangit, fidel, melinhed, Vuko4, diego90
2*tibe74, TheTakeOva, melinhed, CC, keleeche
5*Lion, Coconutz23, 1949midden, PAZZZ, TheTakeOva
5*Jazmin, RayRay1, godmode, sys, TheTakeOva, Eric
3*Ets75, Vesuvias5, theTakeOVA, nnnnn, JoeG2013, KELEECHE
6*+, Zizou82, spider, Lion, bilb, theTakeOVA
6*rist6, pangit, CC, melinhed, fauno, theTakeOVA
2*Cartman, theTakeOVA, Mincer, Jazmin, ivonnne32, nnnnn
6*tibe74, Rietveld, bilb, ErgoProxy, samuel, theTakeOVA
*) Rated game

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