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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1455 1736 1222 4 491

Game started Pos Game result
6*astidix, gasman, MEXICO, jsharpminr, JvW1984, youngblood
3*zagbi, caos, youngblood, vpower, syobgaf, mightymike
3*escalibrat, jsharpminr, youngblood, Dominator, wolt, LeChamp
3*wolvie, sodeju, youngblood, GenMax, Chadwick6
6*Luckyto, MrT91, zagbi, aartsnikke, MADALIST, youngblood
3*littleman, mike8931, youngblood, ethelredz, mainhattan, lerner
4*lenekatrin, BENT-TWIG, hupholland, youngblood, mainhattan, carlos28
5*psla89, TP_knighty, clausius, Lilla, youngblood, Chadwick6
2 OhTahly, youngblood, DayDream, UNOWHOITIS
1*youngblood, zagbi, mahir9833, Inker, cptCANADA, morebad
3*Petjoke2, RAMBO_V, youngblood, MrT91, reskyxxx, mike1
3*MrT91, mike1, youngblood, syobgaf, samantha, tylerhasda
*) Rated game

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