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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1484 1736 1222 1 1149

Game started Pos Game result
1*youngblood, KENWOOD, feltup, beyondallt, futurevent
5*Rebecca, master, feltup, PussyWhipt, youngblood, futurevent
4*KENWOOD, feltup, TheBlueOx, youngblood, monkeehole
4*Rick777, jay_w, TheBlueOx, youngblood, Marine66, mrRico
4*TheBlueOx, jay_w, Marine66, youngblood, yagoboy
4*FreakShow, Mex, Cappy2, youngblood, 5988, mona
2*djhky, youngblood, samantha, northman, earthone, bleedgreen
6*luckyto, wolt, Marine66, Erikingo, xvxvx, youngblood
5*woodff, Boeda, weedmaster, imaxlevel, youngblood
3*BruceW, wolt, youngblood, northman, jay_w, larrytheda
2*jovke, youngblood, coger, ClanGunn, mateoculeb
4*jovke, steppdaddy, mrRico, youngblood, MEXICO, jade2017
6*bleedgreen, wolt, jay_w, jeffman1, MEXICO, youngblood
3*PapaSunris, Darth_Caed, youngblood, Elizabeth, dubbel10, Schwitzebo
4*manyak99, aboulayla, devill63, youngblood, Edwards7, Sebastien
3*caos, steppdaddy, youngblood, sal4m4nd3r, manyak99
6*zyxw, potus, caos, agamennone, steppdaddy, youngblood
*) Rated game

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