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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1303 1736 1222 5 847

Game started Pos Game result
6*Nuria22, blurpock, Cobalt60, earthone, TeAMrKIleR, youngblood
6*DURT, earthone, jokerjack2, Nuria22, fracca, youngblood
3*Nuria22, Toffay, youngblood, jokerjack2, braxtu, pauperino
3*glennis100, pudder, youngblood, stoic1, braxtu
5*Machetekll, Distick11, derrick, governor90, youngblood, diocletion
5*SamFrncsco, boomboom, Swordsman, DURT, youngblood
5*cptCANADA, fracca, Riskyrisky, gafgib, youngblood
4 HH, meateater, wartaal, youngblood, reskyxxx, manyhats11
3*TeAMrKIleR, LoneTiger, youngblood, blood, freerollin, HUGEBALLS
6*Vigilante, benito27, kartan, reskyxxx, romel, youngblood
4*jolani, Lucifer, 99coolbree, youngblood, Dr_Fotzens, partenope
5*romel, Vigilante, nnnnn, Mr, youngblood, Putin
4*passthecar, kartan, Mr, youngblood, kyrris79, nnnnn
4*icemen2, IronMan_, bulgaria, youngblood, veljko208, rmzkck1977
1*youngblood, Tommie, meateater, billysfal, koenklaver
4*turf, master, crackbaby1, youngblood, agamisu, kvids
6*blurpock, nuria22, TheBlueOx, freerollin, agamisu, youngblood
6*fracca, DarkAngel, Distick11, master, PussyWhipt, youngblood
5*blurpock, freerollin, nuria22, agamisu, youngblood
4*freerollin, blurpock, Marine66, youngblood, jrmitch, Anime
5*nuria22, TheBlueOx, Distick11, Lucifer, youngblood, blurpock
3*blurpock, Lucifer, youngblood, 99coolbree, Dcups, Toffay
3*ELBANDIDO, Mogz94, youngblood, thewave, ZagorTenay
1*youngblood, Marathonma, Hoodlegend, Denobr, double_jac, joppey
1*youngblood, Lucifer, karel, wolvie, stfu_punk, gazy3
4*thelarster, bounce-b, Crashada, youngblood, Lucifer, zeusman5
6*ElBandito, bulgaria, Ajax_NL, spider, OhDom, youngblood
*) Rated game

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