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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1291 1736 1222 4 654

Game started Pos Game result
5*Turntablis, Sharm31, Warlord, modominate, youngblood, Twink
6*WAR2DAY, Schwitzebo, Warlord, rose4julia, mikeers196, youngblood
6*Jarcooler, ginagriffi, KICKS2014, bike825, kirov, youngblood
3*Machetekll, 99coolbree, youngblood, Leoncito, Deep_C_Div, _freestyle
4*Turntablis, Warlord, Lucifer, youngblood, ohyeah, 174bam
3*khiltro, Turntablis, youngblood, GRAN_LORO, burkemac
6*ohyeah, StWinters, TheBlueOx, TlMEBOMB, plow, youngblood
4*TlMEBOMB, Turntablis, Lucifer, youngblood, wolvie, NETBIOO
4*steppdaddy, xvxvx, mtngator3, youngblood, error19, GRAN_LORO
4*manyak99, luckyto77, tardgirl, youngblood, jakooboo, filipina
3*loouman, Redina, youngblood, Mistersono, Deep_C_Div, tillburg9
5*MADALIST, EmielBot, Warlord, RandomBot, youngblood, thebeeknow
*) Rated game

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