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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1544 1736 1222 4 542

Game started Pos Game result
3*Luckyto, taptckk, youngblood, Lion, sabb1989, Mikewz
1*youngblood, Machetekll, Toadie, kubur, sabb1989, Mikewz
6*thelarster, twige, NETBIOO, lawmansx, lawman, youngblood
1*youngblood, jolani, lakerf716, B_O_X_E_R, romanbstrd, balu12star
2*Verean, youngblood, wartaal, peacekeepe, charliebcn, ilIuminati
5*Dolfje80, alicaniuss, ivonnne32, peacekeepe, youngblood, rothschild
6*mopeded, ljubae, arrah, charliebcn, riktoven, youngblood
3*morebad, Wolfie24, youngblood, vernons101, riktoven, sherazaad
3*Stick, aboulayla, youngblood, Redina, schadyboy, jsharpminr
5*dgbrobro, ripple, Brucew, DrManette, youngblood, whoosh
6*sniper89, sqarygary, Luckyto, Filipina, gijs11, youngblood
5*Luckyto, reddog433, snscemo, Brucew, youngblood, ginagriffi
5 kartan, mindyfitz, jegskaleie, moradi, youngblood, pedroPimen
5*Toadie, sparks, Camandante, devill63, youngblood, thepro
6*MarekL19, Malevola, Jennifer, arrah, Gabrielle, youngblood
4*Luckyto, twige, Thebeatles, youngblood, JoShmo, mohawk
3*diK, hoodlegend, youngblood, CrimsonW, pangit, Anunnaki
2*abour, youngblood, pedroPimen, waterflow, rothschild, diK
3*Fleur, plow, youngblood, o_mast, djhky, ginagriffi
*) Rated game

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