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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1690 1736 1222 4 516

Game started Pos Game result
3*TheVikings, Machetekll, youngblood, djhky, BOEFJE, ginagriffi
1*youngblood, fearnando, your_god, rodent, Dolfje80, fauno
1*youngblood, KICKS2014, te_corco, joske87, eddddd, your_mum
3*tardgirl, dennis432, youngblood, rokanje, Dolfje80, hulkman
3*spyka, MaxCAvaler, youngblood, diego90, Vuko4, wipwap
2*Nikita, youngblood, CC, kubur, Liwwadden
1*youngblood, Chefcat22, ivonnne32, mesutabi, Menno51, MaxCAvaler
5*clausius, plow, BatMan, 'baantjer, youngblood
2*toedels, youngblood, mesutabi, mindyfitz, multicaspe, VIR4L
2*diego90, youngblood, Cees-Jan, Marine66, vuteek, Dr_Fotzens
2*B_O_X_E_R, youngblood, shreter, MeToo, Dr_Fotzens
4*igot_this1, CultofWar, grant_w, youngblood, arrah, curlyofbiz
2*djhky, youngblood, _Matt_UK_, pangit, Thebeatles
2*GreenWash, youngblood, facoff, _Matt_UK_, devill63
6*MarekL19, Marine66, Gabrielle, Ludde84, Jennifer, youngblood
2*AlbinoGing, youngblood, tass, riverxen, pangit, fauno
4*buttercups, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, youngblood, AlbinoGing, ginagriffi
6*buttercups, PussyWhipt, Rebecca, Osceola, KersekM85, youngblood
3*modominate, plow, youngblood, drsloth, nokia
4*Machetekll, vanja2711, raythedest, youngblood, fauno, mfd906
4*fauno, morebad, GaliZa, youngblood
4*tardgirl, tass, Toadie, youngblood, lerner, abaouia
2*BOEFJE, youngblood, DK, Rick777, dadichou, lerner
6*DK, NAZGULL, dadichou, eddddd, tardgirl, youngblood
4*pangit, haze81, MaxCavaler, youngblood, kartan, mightymike
*) Rated game

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