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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1338 1736 1222 4 690

Game started Pos Game result
4*Nikita, zeusman5, platinum1, youngblood
3*jrmitch, mazzini, youngblood, blackdeath, jozaha
6*KiNgAwOrLd, bonje, blurpock, Kat, mikeers196, youngblood
4*KiNgAwOrLd, Kilgore, Marine66, youngblood, ace, bonje
5*Jarcooler, luckyto77, manyak99, MEXICO, youngblood, governor90
4*mcbi8, peacemaker, plow, youngblood, Cow, peezman
4*pike2266, Nikita, luckyto77, youngblood, manyak99, wimpee
4*PussyWhipt, kartan, ulisse, youngblood, goodnight, bulgaria
5*mindyfitz, luckyto77, bike825, giodo2014, youngblood, sheddy
4*wrecker, Machetekll, Liwwadden, youngblood, tibe74, dupomir
5*wrecker, earthone, Liwwadden, vrede_nu, youngblood, dupomir
4 luckyto77, terrance72, Ganjalover, youngblood, 21651831, vrede_nu
3*herdoctor, turf, youngblood, phantom79, jakooboo, SCARYTERRY
2*Tentacles, youngblood, luckyto77, Hoodlegend, OhMyLaNtA
6*ox, Rick777, zzz777, Vendetta_, herdoctor, youngblood
*) Rated game

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