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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1563 1736 1222 5 904

Game started Pos Game result
2*colorrain, youngblood, bad1265, Zack, nostyle
4*Zack, Marine66, Red_Ocean7, youngblood, Canabis_22
3*ragnarok, turu, youngblood, jarnohams, laframbois, sailionian
5*robin, Smoochie, robobiotch, Edwards7, youngblood, fallout(r)
1*youngblood, blurpock, Ajax_NL, Sven511, OhDom
1*youngblood, jompa, invant3, Schwitzebo, Nikita, gunns
1*youngblood, KimHolland, Hoodlegend, TINCULO, Blingland, nuria22
3*Lucifer, platinum1, youngblood, Edwards7, Nikita, anna_italy
6*knuffie66, luca0508, lrigdrat, Edwards7, Azumi, youngblood
5*cooldude, imaxlevel, LayLow, petjoke4, youngblood
3*vonemperor, Hoodlegend, youngblood, Marine66, nuria22
5*nostyle, morphur, MarvelGirl, heisenberg, youngblood, vonemperor
4*Brucew, Tentacles, cooldude, youngblood, ww111, Red_Ocean7
5*DutchCrnch, mtngator3, ginagriffi, m0nkeeh0le, youngblood, cooldude
5*nuria22, Lucifer, vonemperor, ww111, youngblood, terror44
5*mtngator3, heisenberg, DutchCrnch, Lucifer, youngblood, ginagriffi
5*nuria22, DaveYFZ450, Syph0s, uprisland, youngblood, itsRisk
5*mtngator3, samantha, Red_Ocean7, AssoPazzo, youngblood
2*modominate, youngblood, Hoodlegend, reskyxxx, AssoPazzo, m0nkeeh0le
*) Rated game

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