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Nickname Rating Highest Lowest Level Games
youngblood 1447 1736 1222 5 946

Game started Pos Game result
1*youngblood, tomunist, jentzsch, coolbreeze, teamrkiler, Lucifer
5*tomunist, teamrkiler, Lucifer, ginagriffi, youngblood, m0nkeeh0le
5*Him, tomunist, meiling, thedude, youngblood, Marine66
6*wrecker, Warlord, aboulayla, thuliland, Him, youngblood
3*thuliland, manyak99, youngblood, bonje, temudjin, fullchub
4*earthone, kwicki38, Marduk, youngblood, winston81, retardino
3*PEEP, retardino, youngblood, earthone, teamrkiler, Meisterhei
3*thrich6, TheBlueOx, youngblood, leovardia1, slyce, wimpee
5*teamrkiler, beta, mrs, carlos28, youngblood, rosmalen
6*gero_nimo, HappyHarry, Mikele25hh, SunTzu8850, beta, youngblood
1*youngblood, test007, ForzaNapol, gazy3, katiegirl
5*AA12345, iSukAtThis, Kicks2015, robbinho, youngblood, kjvdberg
4*thedude, Marine66, gero_nimo, youngblood, hurryhard
4*shroom, DeZoE, JoeG2013, youngblood
4*thege0rge, remspoor, robin, youngblood, roll_tide
3*djhky, shroom, youngblood, earthone, evi_jansse, Islander67
3*Marine66, aori, youngblood, shroom, TheBlueOx
2*jentzsch, youngblood, Schwitzebo, JoeG2013, zombie, potje_risk
3*newbe, PolyStoner, youngblood, tokugawa, Australia
3*PolyStoner, pudder, youngblood, tokugawa, Lucifer, xvxvx
4*tokugawa, xvxvx, Lucifer, youngblood, gero_nimo, m0nkeeh0le
3*Lucifer, ginagriffi, youngblood, Him, aboulayla
4*sCary, newbe, JoeG2013, youngblood, Letmein, temudjin
1*youngblood, tomunist, Axmed23, Tentacles, devill63, aliasSabri
5*thewave, medusa, beta, aliasSabri, youngblood, Axmed23
3*Cees-Jan, zyxw, youngblood, albeigh, manyak99, Mizwah
1*youngblood, gazy3, lerner, luca0508, fauno
3*Brucew, Stewart, youngblood, ginagriffi, tokugawa, Copernica2
4*boomboom, teamrkiler, Babbaloo, youngblood, mohawk, tomunist
*) Rated game

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