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Koekielove Officially Resigned


This is a sad day for DominateGame as one of its best admins ever has quit and will no longer have time to support the admin team. I'm sure you guys have noticed that he’s been too busy lately. There have been some wonderful things happening in his life; new job, new love, living life to the fullest, you name it. He just doesn't have any spare time for this job. Although I completely understand his reasons, I've had a very hard time letting go and accepting his decision.

Koekie, you were a true pleasure to work with and I will miss you dearly. I hope you know that I wouldn't be where I am today without your help and your great sense of humour. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world. Thank you for doing a great job and all your help and support in the past few years.


Thats what happens when you get tempted by diseases of the flesh its the devil taking your mind away from the real godly things in life like playing dominate. Thank god we still have clean untainted virgins like you Aerobabes that continue to lead the flock of true believers and provide deliverence in an ever opressing and evil world. Sgt Ironpants Aero may god watch over you as others try to get into your knickers unjustly without a care for the sanctity of your temple and the godly work you do. You are an inspiration and the wind beneath all our wings.


well done koek.....
loocking forward to smash u in a game :P

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