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Map "WW2 BlitzKrieg v2.0 by MagogMaps" strange error


Hey could some one check the "WW2 BlitzKrieg v2.0 by MagogMaps"
In one of my games the winner [revfig] could not find the second [cr0sss] in any visibel country revfig was using Firefox, and map has no names on any country.
Any one who had seen this before?


The web based version is very old and outdated, hence not compatible with some of the new (Europe) maps that are more extended at the bottom.

We've had similar reports on this before and as far as we know there's no solution for this issue. I advise you to download our application, which is more user friendly than the web applet. Unless you have a Mac pc, you should be able to play through the download.. otherwise I'm sorry to say I can't help you.

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