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Download DominateGame to your computer

Step 1. Download the game
Press the button below to start the download. If a windows pops up that asks you if you want to open or save a file, choose "open"


Step 2. Waiting...
The size of the file you are downloading is more than two megabytes. It could take a couple of minutes before the file is fully downloaded.


Step 3. Installation
After the game is downloaded, it will automatically be installed on your computer. The default settings in the installation are correct for most users, so you only have to click the button "Next" a few times during the installation procedure.

Did the installation fail?
No administrator rights on your PC.

Step 4. Start the game
During the installation procedure, DominateGame was added to the menu "Start" on your computer. You can now browse to the DominateGame folder inside the folder "All programs" in the menu "Start" on your computer to start the game.

After the program is started, it makes a connection to the main DominateGame server and asks for your nickname and password. You are ready to play!

If you want to learn how the game is played, read the tips and tricks for new players.

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