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Discussion Forums

Language: english
General Discussion
Discussions and conversations about every possible subject.
Last message: 2018 December 5 16:14

Language: english
Questions about the game and the website.
Last message: 2018 October 23 16:05

Language: english
Suggestions to the webmaster to improve the game and the website.
Last message: 2018 February 12 09:14

Language: english
Complaints about the website. This includes complaints about cheaters and teamers.
Last message: 2018 December 6 20:08

Language: english
Robot developers
Discussions between robot developers.
Last message: 2015 December 8 14:00

Language: english
Intolerable conversations
Conversations that are removed from the forum. Do not read this!
Last message: 2017 November 1 05:28

Language: nederlands
Algemene Discussie
Discussies en gesprekken over alle denkbare onderwerpen.
Last message: 2018 April 2 14:44

Language: nederlands
Vragen over het spel en de website.
Last message: 2015 July 22 19:28

Language: nederlands
Suggesties voor de webmaster om het spel en de website te verbeteren.
Last message: 2013 June 30 05:33

Language: nederlands
Klachten over de website, inclusief klachten over valsspelers en samenspelers.
Last message: 2015 August 14 01:35

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